The villa not only offers some incredibly luxurious interiors and lavish exterior spaces but also support features that contribute to making living on the French Riviera a true luxury. With a double garage, a wine cellar, a boathouse as well as a proffesional galley for the private chef.


Private Parking

Keep your precious car collection away from the eyes of the crowds and well protected from the elements in the double garage of the villa. With plenty of space around the cars, the garage also stores all the parts and equipment you might require. 

Wine Cellar

Rare millesime

Ideally located underground, with a temperature never going above the 12°, the wine cellar is ideal to store the rarest millesimes. From the Bordeaux Grand Crus to the finest Provencal Rosé, the cellar will keep well over a hundred bottles.

Professional Kitchen

Private Chef's Heaven

The professional kitchen of the villa is ideal for a private chef to prepare meals carefully tailored to your palate. With top-notch appliances, large spaces and direct access to the dining room,  the chef will be able to care for large receptions with a team as well as the daily meals of the family.

Boat House

Direct access to the Water

The boathouse accommodates all the various outdoor furniture for the garden and the pool as well as a pair of kayakers ideal to head at sea in the bay of Cannes. Keep the kids entertained in the safest environment. 

Staff Flat

Staff accommodation

By the gates of the villa, you will find 2 staff apartments ideal for the full-time staff of the villa to stay year-round and to cater to the need of the private luxury estate.