Staying at the Villa La Vigie means staying in one of the most luxurious environments of the French Riviera. Featuring plenty of different bedrooms and suites, the villa is capable of accommodating large gatherings while maintaining each guest’s privacy. 

Master Suite

Fit for Royals

The master suite of the villa la Vigie is truly the pinnacle of luxury living, with an ensuite bathroom, a private lounge as well as a dressing room, there is nothing missing. The ensuite bathroom comes with absolutely stunning views of the Mediterranean. 

VIP Suite

Elevated Staying

The VIP suite is definitely one of the most impressive suites of the villa. With an ensuite bathroom featuring a jet bath and incredible views on the Mediterranean, guests can only be impressed. 

The Tower

Private Appartments

The tower of the Villa La Vigie offers some incredible accommodation, with some of the most spectacular views of the villa. Nested high in the main tower, the apartment offers a private ensuite bathroom featuring a bath and a walk-in shower, two bed rooms, including one with a double bed on the top floor and one with bunk beds on the upper floor. The lower floor of the tower comes with a private lounge. The perfect location to accommodate extended family in the utmost setting. 

Junior Suite

Dignified Staying

The Junior Suite of the Villa La Vigie is elegantly decorated with a French touch. The clear colour palette and Provencal influence give it a certain charm. A private salon and a small balcony with a garden access complete the suite offering unparalleled luxury living.

GUest SUite

Elevated Staying

The guest suite of the villa offers flexible accommodation for either a couple or childrens with twin beds that can be joined together for extra comfort. The ensuite bathroom completes the room. 

Twin Room

Accommodating the kids

The sauna and hair salon of the villa was converted into accommodation for kids, with a twin bedroom and a private ensuite bathroom. The room can be restored to its previous use within a matter of days. 

The Studio

Private Accommodation

Located just above the garage the studio offers separated accommodation for guests requiring specific privacy or for staff members. The completely independent study comes with top notch amenities, with a large salon and an ensuite bathroom.